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Y.O.U. 101

Your Mind, Body, and Soul Journey to Optimal Vibrance and Vitality

Y.O.U. 101 is a three-phase deep dive into the inner and outer workings of your unique health and well-being. Participate in personal sessions, classes, experiential exercises, webinars, and gatherings designed to guide and support your self-discovery and personal-mastery.  


Just imagine how you will feel when you are able to listen and respond to your body, mind, and spirit for optimal vibrance and vitality. 


PHASE I - Mapping the Territory (Foundations)

PHASE I is a little bit like becoming your own GPS. Self- Location is the critical foundation for personal transformation. How do you get anywhere, if you have no idea where you are, to begin with? 


PHASE II - Setting Out and Getting There (Proficiency)

Okay so by now you have identified where you want to be. You’ve even created a map. You’ve sifted through your “stuff”, offloaded what you don’t need, organized what you do need and you’re ready to become a journeying human.


PHASE III - Arrival (Personal Mastery)

Now you have located yourself, mapped your destination, and arrived, what could possibly be left? Well, this is actually the most critical place. Right here is the make-or-break point!

Let's Get Moving!

Due to the deep and individual nature of this transformative work, these are not diy or self generated programs. You will be supported and uniquely guided throughout each phase. Sign up so we can meet up and talk about what you need to get started. You can travel individually or as a group. Let's see what will work the best for you and start adventuring! 

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