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You Have Arrived!

Now you have located yourself, mapped your destination, and arrived, what could possibly be left? Well, this is actually the most critical place.
Right here is the make-or-break point!

Have you ever shifted your mood, lightened up on the anxiety, only to have it come crashing back in a few days? Or how about dieting, losing weight, feeling absolutely fantastic, only to put it all back on again and more? Or there's that exercise app that seemed to work, only to end up in a plateau, burn out and quitting. 

Worse yet, how about when you’re successful, feel great, look fantastic and you have friends and family who try to sabotage you???

It happens more often than you realize. In fact, all of these obstacles go part and parcel with the “now what”? syndrome that keeps people from really living a fully vibrant and vital life.

This is where PHASE III comes in…

PHASE III – Arrival (Personal Mastery)

Research shows that a whopping 90% of the people who make changes that feel great but don’t last, are victims of the “now what” syndrome. They aren’t prepared to integrate the success of their efforts and end up sliding back into the “old” habits and patterns that generated the imbalance in the first place. Don’t worry, though, this isn’t going to happen to you… enter PHASE III.

PHASE III is all about Mastery.

PHASE III is all about Mind, Body, and Soul Juiciness.

It includes filling your toolbag with emergency rations and safety gear; having a plan for those moments when everything you worked so hard for seems to be going to… well, wherever it goes when it’s just not working. It’s about creating a life that is seamlessly aligned with your best self.

Have you ever heard the feel-good quote, “how about creating a life that you don’t have to take a vacation from?”, well, that’s PHASE III.


You’ve arrived! Woohoo! Now what? Well, now you get to really make it all happen. This is where you put it all into practice and really solidify your best and truest self. Think of it like this; very often we are inundated with messages that function and just getting it done, making the dollar, or completing the project are the most important things. The truth is function is great but it’s just one step in the ladder. 

In fact, if you stop at just being functional, you will ultimately create yet another cycle of burnout!

In terms of brain and nervous system development. So we want to be sure we keep going onto that next step is called “Self Transcendence” or Personal Mastery. Interesting that it sounds sort of spiritually inclined or new agey. What it really means is the neurobiological mechanisms of maintaining a harmonious balance between your internal world, biologically, psychologically, and philosophically, and your external world. It’s a very real, very measurable, and concrete aspect of your nervous system and brain development.


When you practice the exercises and use the tools of self-transcendence i.e personal mastery, you create more concrete changes in your neural networking, which translates change that lasts.


In PHASE III you will:

  • Take your Self Discovery to the next level

  • Change and balance your neurochemistry

  • Begin really walking your talk – showing the world a more vibrant, vital you.

  • Create strategies to deflect and deconstruct sabotage – both from yourself and from those around you who might be very uncomfortable with the new and vibrant you. (This is an important reality of positive growth that is rarely talked about…sometimes people are very committed to the status quo, even if the status quo includes your ill health or unhappiness.)

  • Move from functional to pleasurable, deepening your awareness of what is genuinely pleasant and desirable and keep it flowing into your life.

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Whether you want to solo travel or grab some trusted friends and move together in a small group, the best time to begin is now. 

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