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Mapping the Territory

PHASE I is a little bit like becoming your own GPS.  

Self- Location is the critical foundation for personal transformation. How do you get anywhere, if you have no idea where you are, to begin with? 

In today’s fast-paced, media-inundated world, as you well know, it can be really easy to end up lost in a quagmire of information that leaves you feeling stranded and stuck. If you’ve found yourself reading the latest greatest self-help or diet books, or subscribing to the latest and greatest fitness or diet apps only to find yourself feeling worse than when you started... or worse yet, if you’ve gotten so frustrated with everything that you’ve given up on the desire to feel great because you’re barely even able to feel good on a semi-regular basis then, guess what? It’s TIME! 


It’s time to realize that you’re a little lost.


There’s no downside to admitting you’ve lost your way. In fact, stopping and recognizing that you’re lost or off track can be the most exciting, the scariest, and the SMARTEST thing to do. It’s also the ONLY, and I do mean only, way to figure out where you really are and how you’re really going to get where you want to go.

In PHASE I, you will learn who YOU really are biologically, psychologically, and philosophically (in other words; body/mind/spirit). You’ll get to break through the myths of who you think you’re supposed to be and what you're supposed to do, or who your family has decided you’re supposed be, and definitely bust up the beliefs about who the media tells you that you should be.


YOU are unique! In fact, everything about you only exists in and as you. Pause and take that in for a moment. Your metabolic function, which is what helps you find your perfect body size and energy, is as unique as your fingerprint. Your DNA which includes your genetic heritage is yours and yours alone. Your likes/dislikes, desires, ambitions, points of pleasure and pain, both emotional and physical, are all unique to you. So, it's no wonder that the one size fits all approaches never really deliver. 

PHASE I is all about LOCATING the REAL YOU. Breathing a sigh of relief here…

What will you do in PHASE I?

You will:

  • Investigate how you eat, how you move, and how you think.

  • Find out what your traps, triggers, and treats are.

  • Learn how to stoke your furnace and fuel your fire by identifying your individual metabolic function.

  • Dig down deep to your roots and find out how your genetic lineage influences your food/mood needs and choices.

  • Discover your sensory preferences and proclivities.

  • Bone up on the basics of taste and flavor and how they impact your body/mind

  • Explore how your unique personality contributes to your unique digestive process and vice versa.

  • Become your own GPS; map your territory and get really clear on your unique destination.


You will do all this and more within the comfort of your surroundings and with a safe supportive community. When PHASE I ends you will know exactly where you are and where you want to go. Woohoo.

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Whether you want to solo travel or grab some trusted friends and move together in a small group, the best time to begin is now. 

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