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Living Ayurveda

The Art and Science of Living Well through Ayurveda

This is a four-phase program combining ancient wisdom with modern living to help you create a personalized, preventative, and practical approach to optimal well-being.

Cultivating an Ayurvedic lifestyle has countless benefits, many of which can be felt both immediately and long-term. Each phase of this program gives you the knowledge and tools to create a healthy, happy life while realizing your full human potential.


Phases are eight weeks in length and facilitator guided. This program is NOT ‘do it yourself’, rather it has been developed to allow optimal guidance as you create your own unique approach to living well.

Participate in personal sessions, classes, experiential exercises, webinars, and gatherings designed to guide and support your self-discovery and personal-mastery. 

The Art and Science of Living Well Through Ayurveda

Ayurveda and You 

Creating an Ayurvedic lifestyle has countless benefits, many of which can be felt both immediately and long-term. The many techniques available to practice continue to be recognized and validated by research. 


Personalized Nourishment 

Next to breathing, eating is one of our most vital functions for wellness. We nourish ourselves by converting the energy and information from our environment into the biological intelligence of our body.


Tending the Self

Truly tending to our needs is a vital part of optimal well-being. More than simply ensuring we have the right nutrients of other basic necessities for health, tending involves deeply nourishing and nurturing our body, mind, and spirit.


Emotional Freedom 

Emotional well-being is essential to our health and well-being.  Ayurveda recognizes that as a natural life force, our emotions need to flow freely through our bodymind as we assimilate their messages.

Start Living Well

Due to the deep and individual nature of this transformative work, these are not diy or self generated programs. You will be supported and uniquely guided throughout each phase. Sign up so we can meet up and talk about what you need to get started. You can travel individually or as a group. Let's see what will work the best for you and start Living Well! 

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