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Welcome to Bod*ecology

Welcome to Bod*ecology, where we aim to help you achieve optimal well-being. Our mission is to provide you with the tools and resources necessary to achieve harmony and balance in your life. We provide a blend of ancient spiritual practices and modern science to help you achieve balance in your mind, body, and soul. Our experienced team of practitioners provides guidance and support to help you create your own personal medicine and reach your full potential.


Bod*ecology is the passion project of Dr. Stephanie Shelburne. Many years ago, as she was diving deeper and deeper into the world of Integrated Medicine and Spiritual Opening, she recognized that it could be useful to attempt to coin a term that would represent the ever changing fusion of body, mind, spirit, and soul. 

The word Ecology is a blend of the Greek word "Oikos" which translates as 'home' and "~logy" which translates as 'the study of...'.  Ecology basically means the study of the relationship of organisms of a system, internal and external and the influence of the physical surroundings. 

The Bod*ecology experience is about understanding your own relationship with all parts of yourself, (body, mind, spirit, and soul) and the ways in which you influence and are influenced by the world around you. 

The Art and Science of Living Well is not only about the obvious of living a well life, feeling well, being well, luxuriating in wellness, but it is also about diving deep into the Living Well that represents the Sacred, the Spiritual, the Liminal, and all the dimensions of ourselves that are interconnected to the past, present, future; the ancestors that came before and those yet to be, the Archetypes, the Collective Consciousness, the Divine Spirit and all the other ideas and words that encompass that which cannot be fully named. 

All of our classes, workshops, programs, and membership plans are dedicated to creating a bod*ecology of regenerative and holistic well-being. 

More to the Story...

Story Medicine

For humans, life unfolds in stories.  

Whether cautionary tales, oral history, or fireside entertainment, the wonder of sharing a story seems to be embedded in our very DNA. There are those who suggest that at its core, the giving and receiving of a story stimulates the primal chemistry of survival (Charon, 2017). Essentially, the very foundations of your health and well-being rely on the telling and hearing of stories. 

Your stories, both the ones you tell yourself, the ones you tell others, as well as the stories of those around you that have been interwoven with your own, are essential to the well-being of every relationship between your Self and the world. Stories are the foundation of your entire life perception and have everything to do with your experience of wellness.

Soul Medicine

To define the Soul is an elusive and almost impossible endeavor. Yet, your Soul's influence on your entire health and well-being is undeniable. It is the essence of your true nature. Timeless, unique, conscious, and subconscious, your soul reflects and expresses the truth of who you are and why you are here. When you suffer from soul disconnection or loss, you typically feel a loss of meaning, direction, vitality, mission, purpose, identity, and genuine connection; in short, deep unhappiness which expresses as either depression or anxiety and fear. 

Reconnecting with your soul, nourishing it, and allowing it to express and reflect your true nature in the world is a critical step towards whole self well-being. 

True Medicine is Personal Medicine

You are a unique being. There is no other person like you, nor will there ever be. When you are ailing, the approach to healing and re-establishing harmony needs to be as unique as you are. In fact, the healing path should be illuminated by the combined voices of your Body, Mind, and Soul.


The Personal Medicine approach is rarely a quick fix, however, there is no doubt that you will feel certain benefits immediately. Rather it is the nourishing and embracing of your whole self, your true purpose, your life's meaning, your physical vitality, your mental and emotional harmony, and your capacity for joy and awe and pleasure. In short, it is the journey of a lifetime, meant to last your lifetime and beyond. 

Keep reading to begin your journey... 



Dr. Stephanie Shelburne

In addition to being a Lifestyle Medicine Specialist, and an Ayurvedic Practitioner, I work within the realms of Spirit Medicine through Soul Stories. 


Working with Story

My work in the realm of Story is both as a Listener, a Teller and a Tender. What does it mean to work in the realm of story and what do stories have to do with health, well-being, and a life well-lived? 

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