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    Refreshing, dense, slightly sweet; a pepino melon is just the thing if you’re trying cleanse your palate.

Welcome to Bod*ecology.

This site is dedicated to providing progressive, integrated, and up-to-date information and research to assist you with maintaining YOUR own personal body, mind, and spirit ecosystem.

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Modern healthcare practices are based on treating the masses. For the most part, conventional interventions are generalized and percentage based; including medications, diets, nutritional needs, physical activities and exercise. However as much as humans are alike, they each live within their own individual and very unique bio-system which includes body, mind, spirit and environment all inter-relating. The health needs of YOUR MIND and YOUR BODY are defined by things like your individual DNA, your METABOLIC FUNCTION, and even your INDIGENOUS BEGINNINGS.  Couple that with your CURRENT ENVIRONMENT and how/what/when/where/and why you EAT, MOVE, and THINK and you have a recipe for your own individual well-being. 

If you are struggling with weight management, stress management, chronic illness, fatigue, disruptive eating patterns, or worse yet you are not even sure what you might be  suffering from, you just know that you don't feel well and no one seems to be able to help, then read on and/or reach out. 

Better yet, if YOU feel like your situation is UNIQUE and needs specialized attention? Well, guess what? So does Dr. Stephanie...

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Random Facts

  • Red grapes are famous for resveratrol, but they only produce it in response to a FUNGAL infection during their growth. So organic grapes have more resveratrol because they’re not sprayed with antifungals.

  • In the United States, potatoes and tomatoes are the most popular vegetables. Lettuce is the third most popular.
  • The fear of cooking is known as Mageirocophobia and is a recognized as a phobia.
  • Microwave popcorn gives off a toxic, lung-damaging gas when cooked.

  • “Confectioner’s glaze”—a common description of the coating found on candies and pills—is made from the bodily excretions of an Asian beetle.

  • Unless they’re organic, nearly all corn or soy products or byproducts on the U.S. market are genetically modified and may place your health at risk.

  • Egg yolks are one of the few foods that naturally contain Vitamin D.
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