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Everything you do to RECONNECT with your SELF and the NATURAL world is MEDICINE. 


Dive into one of these uniquely designed programs.
Welcome to Bod*ecology

The Bod*ecology experience is about understanding your own relationship with all parts of yourself, (body, mind, spirit, and soul) and the ways in which you influence and are influenced by the world around you. 

The Art and Science of Living Well is not only about the obvious of living a well life, feeling well, being well, luxuriating in wellness, but it is also about diving deep into the Living Well that represents the Sacred, the Spiritual, the Liminal, and all the dimensions of ourselves that are interconnected to the past, present, future; the ancestors that came before and those yet to be, the Archetypes, the Collective Consciousness, the Divine Spirit and all the other ideas and words that encompass that which cannot be fully named. 

All of our classes, workshops, programs, and membership plans are dedicated to creating a bod*ecology of regenerative and holistic well-being. 

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