Have you ever been a victim to the Mood Monster???

Look ma; I'm happy, oops, no I'm sad, no wait, I'm angry...  

Of course, small mood variations throughout the day are normal. However, if you feel like your moods change faster than a Bugatti on the Autobahn (that's car geek for 'really fast') or if you are stuck in a rut and feel like they never change; it's time to get some tools to take control.

mood If you want to change your mood...

That's right, believe it or not you do have a say in your mood or at least you can influence the outcome...

Your mood is a temporary state of mind or feeling tone. Moods are generated by a complex mixture of environmental stimuli, biological chemical soup, and thoughts/beliefs/feelings. The key words here are "temporary" and "chemical soup". Every thought you think and emotion you feel has a chemical component. A prolonged arrangement of certain chemical patterns is what we call a 'mood'. If you don't like the arrangment then  you need to disrupt the pattern. 

journeydancesmallChange your movement!

That's right, one of the quickest ways to change a chemical pattern is to shake it up with new movement. Before you think, "hold on, I can't jump up and do the jitterbug every time I need a mood shift", don't worry, it doesn't have to be that drastic. (although, a little impromptu jitterbug every now and then is quite good for the soul). Really, you just need to shift the current structure. Change your posture, shift your walking pattern (slower, faster), jumping jacks, even brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand; these are all little tricks that will shift your chemistry. Of course, study after study demonstrates if you dance, you'll really do a number on those bad days and be breathing a sigh of relief and dare I say, even happiness before you know it. 

But at the end of the day, you really just need to do a simple thing differently. 

Where your body goes, your brain will follow...

smilemonkeyDon't believe me? Try this simple exercise: Whether you feel like it or not smile for 30 seconds and notice what happens. (you may feel slightly silly if anyone is watching but that's okay because we are just as impacted by other people's posture and facial expression so maybe you will make someone's day a little bit happier). 

Posture, facial expression, and range of motion all have an impact on your neurological biochemistry. In other words how you move influences your chemical soup, for better or for worse.

 You can also try rolling your shoulders back or moving as if you're happy, even if you're not. Put on some upbeat music and shake your groove thing. Anything that varies your range of motion will change your neurochemistry and put you in a happier place.

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