Okay so maybe not every body has freckles, but for those of us who do, can love em or hate em... I say if you have them, then love them!

freckle faceFreckles are also called ephelides; which makes me think of the universe and constellations. Not too far off base when you think about what freckles are and how they tend to be arrayed across your body (if you have them). It kind of gives a whole new meaning to think of those pesky little brown spots as little constellations across the bridge of your nose or maybe on your shoulders from summers in the sun.

Freckles are made up of skin pigment cells that form small patches of color ranging anywhere from beige to tan to brown. They can fade to almost invisible if you are never in the sun but will darken again as soon as the sunlight impacts the melanin, darkening the pigment. If you have freckles there is really no way to get rid of them, keeping them out of the sun can lighten them up a bit but they are a part of the makeup of your skin. Sometimes freckles are confused with liver spots, which are also brown spots that form on the skin over time with years of overexposure to the sun. Because they are a product of age and time, liver spots are typically only found in older adults.