Here’s a nice little thing to do for the sesame seed bone in your knee; cup your hand and whisper “I love you and thank you” into the palm. Feel the warmth and moisture of your breath as you whisper; now place your warmed palm over your kneecap.

patellaHow does it feel to give some direct love to a trusted friend? Your knee is a complexly designed work of wonder. Your patella is an important part of the equation. Your mobility is directly influenced by the health and participation of this unassuming little bone. You can walk, run, sit, stand, lunge, squat, all because this little friend protects and assists with flexion and extension.

patella boneYour patella is a small, triangular or dish shaped bone; the type of bone that is called a sesamoid. It is the largest sesamoid bone in your body. Sesamoid originates from the word “sesamum” or sesame seed. It covers the internal workings of your knee joint like a little protective hat and it attaches to your upper and lower leg. On the upper leg it is a point of attachment for the quadriceps tendon and on the lower leg it is a point of insertion for the patellar tendon which is a ligament connecting to the tibia. Its function, besides just being a generally awesome little bone, is to help with extension of your leg. When you are walking and your leg extends forward without you thinking much about it, you can include your patella in your appreciation.