At first glance you might think, “hang on, what do atoms have to do with my perfect body”? But then, I’m guessing you’ll quickly remember that just about everything, including your perfect body, is made from atoms.

body scienceThe adult body has about 7 octillion atoms, give or take a few, if you write that out it looks like this 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. For a little bit of perspective, it might help to remember that the galaxy is made up of about 300 billion stars, give or take a few (at least as far as we know). A billion has 9 zeroes after the main number and an octillion has 27 zeroes after the first number. Just a little something to think about.

An atom is the smallest component of material objects. Each atom is made up of a nucleus with one or more electrons bound to it. The atom nucleus is made of one or more protons and typically the same number of neutrons. Protons have a positive electric charge, electrons have a negative electric charge, and neutrons have no electric charge. It’s at the atomic level that we need to engage in quantum thinking in order to attempt to really see what’s going on or measure activity. It’s at the quantum level when things suddenly take on a whole new meaning. Time, space, cause and effect they are much less predictable in the quantum world. atomElectrons begin making quantum leaps (no more linear movement) and even getting entangled from across the world. Quantum entanglement theory suggests that certain elements like photons and electrons can form bonds that last no matter where they are in the universe. What happens to one of the pair elicits the same spontaneous response in the other wherever it happens to be.

atomsIt’s at the atomic and quantum level that we can begin to interact with the power of intention and change the conductivity, the electromagnetic activity, at the molecular level. Super interesting and super powerful and super real...it’s unfortunate that things like the law of attraction and the ‘secret’ have actually underrepresented the real potential and truly amazing capacity of the quantum world.

Even more interesting? Every year your body replaces about 98% of your atoms, keep that in mind the next time you’re feeling stuck and you are how you are. So, at a core level you are the same basic building blocks of every other material thing on the planet and in each given moment you are replacing atoms with every other material thing on the planet and actually probably in the universe. How’s that for a little perspective check?