"Isn't it about time you fell in love with the body you've been in living in your whole life?" 

Bod*411 is all about YOU and YOUR perfect body. Having a perfect body doesn’t mean YOU have to be a certain size or shape or that YOU have to go to extremes to lose weight, get fit, or feel beautiful. Having a perfect body means understanding just how amazing and perfectly designed YOU are as a human organism. We Are going to get personal; so check back for tidbits about YOUR super human body, all chosen to help YOU appreciate just how fantastic YOU really are as YOU wade through the facts and the fiction about your health, wellness, and well-being.

Have you ever missed someone so much it “hurts” or suffered from an occasional bout with loneliness that feels physically uncomfortable? Guess what, it’s not all in your head.

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The sacrum...meet your “Sacred Bone”. Maybe even take a moment as you continue reading to reach your hands around give it some love.

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Knuckle bones... more than just a game. Knuckles are the joints of your fingers. You actually have two different kinds of joints in your fingers, although they are typically all referred to as knuckles. The first kind is located in the main part of your hand.

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Ode to the small intestine... Oh my duodenum, always on the continuum, digesting foods that once were yum, and turning them into, well, things like energy and nutrients.

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