O 2 B N OQ (:

Want to B N OQ 2?

I suppose before you can answer that, you need to know that an O.Q. = Omnivorous Qualitarian

Being an Omnivorous Qualitarian, O.Q. (major emphasis on the Qualitarian part) makes my life easier because instead of driving myself crazy trying to figure out if something is the right amount of carb or fat or fun, I get to ask myself one simple question…is it quality?

Quality is the most important part of being an O.Q. Important even to the point of outright snobbery. Before you get worried that “Quality” means “expensive” let’s break this down a little bit. I think you’ll be surprised…and then you’ll want to be an O.Q. too.

Quality means “a degree of excellence” according to good old Merriam-Webster. It also means possessing an air of superiority. Here’s the best definition I’ve come across yet:

“Quality is the attribute of an elementary sensation that makes it fundamentally unlike any other sensation”. (Merriam-Webster, 2013)

In short, quality means singular and special. Rarely, if ever, is quality mass produced. As far as food is concerned, quality means; no matter whether it is an animal, vegetable, or mineral it is as close to the original source as possible, minimally processed, non-GMO, sustainably grown, humanely raised and handled, small batch, and freshly prepared. . If you’re eating quality food then rest assured that it’s actually food and not the dreaded “food product”.

Omnivorous is the next part of being on O.Q. Omnivorous means “avidly taking in everything”. In the world of food it refers to including both animal and plant based components in your diet. Let’s be very clear on one thing; being omnivorous means you can eat anything however being an Omnivorous Qualitarian means you don’t each just anything.

Being omnivorous is important. Eating a wide variety of quality, nutrient dense foods insures that you are getting a wide variety of actual nutrients.

Are you starting to see the Big OQ Picture?

As an O.Q. I get to say yes to all kinds of actual food without too much worry, just as long as it is quality. For example; let’s say I want some pasta for dinner. Do I get it from the franchise restaurant in the strip mall down the road where it was actually first prepared in Kansas from conventionally grown and processed ingredients, frozen, shipped, and then reheated in a microwave when I ordered it here? (bleah).. or do I go down the road to the neighborhood Italian place, where the pasta is made fresh daily using imported Semolina and organic olive oil and the sauce is a recipe handed down a few generations, prepared in house from fresh ingredients and deliciously simmered to just the right aroma, flavor, and mouthfeel? Hmmm… kind of a no-brainer when you put it that way, right?  

Being an O.Q. isn’t just limited to what you eat. It can be applied to every single thing you consume. What kind of clothes are you wearing? What sort of movies do you watch? O.Q. is a lifestyle that impacts everything around you. Feel great not just good, increase the pleasure in your life by upping the mmmmm factor; all by reaching for quality instead of quantity.