cookingclassInterested in learning more about YOU?

Workshops and classes can be a great place to start. You get to enjoy some self-discovery, increase your overall life experience, and do it with friends.  

    • Crunched for time? Try one of our online class. You get to learn and transform at your own pace. 
    • Ready to make some major changes? Try one of our intensive weekend workshop or interactive live webinars. 
    • Want to increase your enjoyment of life and feelings of well-being? We've got a class or two for that...

Why a Class or a Workshop?

I have to say that I really enjoy taking classes and workshops. I love learning new things; about the world, about myself, and just about life in general. One thing that I especially enjoy about classes and workshops is that I'm not alone. There are usually other like-intended individuals who have found their way the same class and I get to learn and grow in a supportive social network.

That being said, I and my co-operative partners absolutely love to teach classes and workshops as much or more than we love to take them. We all revel in the opportunity to help people grow and transform.  I mean think about it, have you ever been around someone when they've had, what I call, an "ah-ha" moment? It's exciting and invigorating while at the same time being deeply moving. Everyone benefits when someone has an 'ah-ha' moment that guides them deeper into self-discovery.  

onlineclassesIn these classes, you can learn about things like taste, flavor, food, fun, diet, spirituality, psychology, health and wellness, getting the most out of life, love, and relationships. We'll laugh, we'll cry, we'll go deep, we'll resurface, and we'll transform!Some friends and I decided to pull together the cream of the crop ideas and make them available in several different ways; online or in-person, and either in once a week 8 week short sessions or weekend intensives.

Which kind of class is right for you?  

You and I both know that sometimes we just need a little boost to get over the hump of something that's keeping us stuck...and then other times we want to really dive deep into something and make some rich and meaningful connections... either way classes and workshops can be a great option.