Conferences, Workshops, and Presentations

This list is a sample of my work and not fully inclusive of all engagements:

  • Presence through Palate (Research Symposium, San Diego, CA)
  • Music, Movement, and Hypnosis (KY)
  • Hypnotic Intervention and Trauma Related Eating Disorders (SF, CA - Spiegel Award winner)
  • Self Hypnosis and Positive Self-Image (San Diego, CA)
  • Eat, Move, Feel (NYC, Boston)
  • Food, Mood, and Movement (NYC, Boston)
  • JourneyDance Facilitator Training (Kripalu, TX, NYC)
  • Food as Mood (Baltimore, MD)
  • Emergency Management Institute Higher Education Conference 2009 
  • Integrated Health Seminars – (San Francisco University)
  • Women’s Health Symposium (San Jose, CA)
  • “To Touch the Dying” Bay TV (SF, CA)
  • Alternative Health and Wellness, CSU-Sacramento
  • “To touch those who are dying”, Hospice of Petaluma
  • “Compassionate Touch and Dying”, SFU
  • “What did you just say?” - SFU 

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.~ B. Henry